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Yocks to be legalized! – Donegal Daily

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An electric scooter shop in Letterkenny is looking forward to the legalization of electric scooters in Ireland.

The use of electric scooters on public roads is due to be made legally by late summer or early autumn.

Yocks Scooter Shop in Letterkenny are thrilled with the developments, so much so that they are giving €50 off to Donegal Daily readers! See below for details!

The long-awaited Road Traffic and Roads Bill will legislate for e-bikes and e-scooters with a maximum speed of 25km/h and a motor power of 500W. The move marks a major step in promoting sustainable transport options and reducing carbon emissions.

Currently, electric scooters are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission.

Yocks Scooter Shop, Lower Ard O’Donnell Letterkenny

Yocks Scooter Shop offers sales (online and collection in-person) as well as sales from their service center at Lower Ard O’ Donnell, Letterkenny.

The company, owned by two local entrepreneurs, Angelo Cervi and Timothy Boyle, has been a strong advocate for sustainability and green energy, and is dedicated to providing convenient and sustainable transport options to the people of Donegal.

Yocks Scooter Shop

“We are thrilled to hear about the legalization of electric scooters in Ireland,” said Angelo Cervi, co-owner of Yocks Scooter Shop. “Our vision has always been to provide sustainable transport options to our community and this legalization is a huge step forward in promoting environmentally-friendly travel.”

Electric scooters offer a convenient and sustainable mode of transport, with zero carbon emissions and low running costs. They are especially useful for short journeys in urban areas, with traffic congestion in Letterkenny being a particular source of discontent in recent years.

However, road safety remains a key concern, with accidents involving electric scooters in recent years. Yocks Scooter Shop is committed to promoting safe and responsible riding, and will be offering training and safety advice to all its customers.

“We understand the need to ride safely and responsibly, and we strongly encourage all road users to do so,” said Timothy Boyle, co-owner of Yocks Scooter Shop. “We will be offering training and safety advice to all our customers to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to ride safely on the roads.”

Yocks Service Center is also equipped to handle repairs and maintenance on electric scooters, and stocks a wide range of parts for quick and efficient repairs. The company’s skilled technicians provide prompt and reliable service, and are dedicated to keeping your electric scooter running smoothly.

Yocks Scooter Shop have a special promotion for Donegal Daily readers with €50 off their products until the end of the week at using promo code DD23.

Get in touch at 085 8835636 (WhatsApp) to arrange a collection, view their stunning showroom, or book a repair.

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