OnlineShop Apparel Start Your Summer Shenanigans This Memorial Day With Tropical Bros Summer Apparel

Start Your Summer Shenanigans This Memorial Day With Tropical Bros Summer Apparel

Start Your Summer Shenanigans This Memorial Day With Tropical Bros Summer Apparel post thumbnail image

Shop Tropical Bros summer apparel

As soon as it’s above 60 degrees outside, we should all be ditching our sweaters and long pants and dive into some summer apparel and a cooler full of beer. It’s the most American thing you could possibly do. Need some help restocking your closet with the right gear? Let Tropical Bros take over.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t show up to the pool, beach, golf course, or backyard BBQ looking your absolute best and ready to party. Summer (and life in general) is too short to be boring. Save the boring clothes for next winter and make sure you’re stocked up by the time Memorial Day rolls around.

Knowing how to have a good time on Memorial Day Weekend isn’t just reserved for humans. Even robots know what to do, as evident by ChatGPT’s responses to why Hawaiian shirts are perfect for MDW:

“Hawaiian shirts are lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable to wear in warm weather.”

“They come in a variety of bright colors and fun patterns, perfect for a festive weekend.”

“They are a classic summer wardrobe staple that never goes out of style.”

Well said, creepy robots. Please don’t become self-aware and destroy us all. However, I’d add a few additional human reasons why you should have Tropical Bros Hawaiian shirts for the start of summer:

1. They’re perfect for crushing beers.

2. They help you grill the perfect burger.

3. They will draw all females in the area to you.

Take that, robots. Not so tough without Arnold Schwarzenegger around, are you?

We’ve got the definitive guide for all the Tropical Bros summer apparel that you need to be wearing for every outing. That way, you never have to shop for anything else until the leaves change in the fall.

Golf – Plain Everyday

Shop Everyday Polos and more summer apparel at Tropical Bros

A perfectly fun and breathable shirt for the golf course, the pool, or anywhere else you’ll be hitting this summer.

Shark Party Everyday Polo – $49

Butterfly Paradise Everyday Polo – $49

The Dad Bod Everyday Polo – $49

Bachelor Parties – Hawaiian Shirts

Shop Tropical Bros Hawaiian shirts and other summer apparel

The kind of shirts that say, “Hand me another beer.” It’s impossible not to have a raucous time when you’re wearing one of these.

‘Pepper Hawaiian Shirt – $56

Mexican Fiesta Super Stretch Hawaiian Shirt – $49

The Kramer Super Stretch Hawaiian Shirt – $56

Beach and Pool Parties – Swim Trunks

Because every day should be a party in your pants. Tropical Bros swimsuits aren’t just more fun than your average trunks; they’re crazy comfortable. Might as well wear them all day.

Disco Pineapple Swimsuit – $49

Dad Bod Swimsuit – $49

The Drunk Sailor Swimsuit – $56

Cookouts – Alcohol Shirts

Let everyone who’s drinking at the party know that you, in fact, also drink. Because who needs words or actions to do when you have these incredible shirts?

Naturdays Party Time Everyday Polo – $49

High Noon Pool Pack Hawaiian Shirt – $53

Cocktails & Martinis Super Stretch Hawaiian Shirt – $49

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