OnlineShop Online Shop News Newegg Uses AI to Build New Online Shopping Experiences for Home Products; Home Showcase lets customers shop by room

Newegg Uses AI to Build New Online Shopping Experiences for Home Products; Home Showcase lets customers shop by room

Newegg Uses AI to Build New Online Shopping Experiences for Home Products;  Home Showcase lets customers shop by room post thumbnail image

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif-Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), a global e-commerce leader for technology products, today announced the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to launch Home Showcase, an innovative and interactive online shopping experience for home products. Newegg developed the features for inspirational and exploratory shopping while utilizing AI to improve the visuals and descriptions of products for the home.

Designed for homeowners, the Home Showcase on is a different way to browse and shop on Newegg. The feature shows a user interface (UI) resembling a two-story house, compete with eight clickable room icons including office, kitchen, living room, bathroom, gaming room, bedroom, garage and yard. Clicking on a room icon opens up a curated list of recommended products commonly used in that specific area, accompanied by enticing deals, top brands and room-specific inspiration photos.

For example, clicking the kitchen icon may show appliances like a cooktop burner, tortilla maker and a pressure cooker. The backyard, which covers all outdoors, shows outdoor heaters, security cameras, bikes, scooters and wearables.

Visit the Home Showcase on Newegg:

An e-commerce pioneer for leveraging the benefits of AI technology, Newegg used Stable Diffusion AI to improve product photos to illustrate features for customers. ChatGPT was used to create succinct informative product descriptions and text on abbreviated quick view pages.

Home Showcase is available now on for desktop and laptop computers with a mobile version expected to be available later this month.

‘Homeowners often consider products’ utility based on the area of ​​the home where the products are used. We’re simplifying the shopping process by creating a useful tool to help customers use products that may improve their lives at home,’ said Lucy HuoVice President of Application Development for Newegg. ‘We’re a big believer in the benefits of AI and we frequently upgrade our shopping platforms to offer the best customer experience using the latest technologies. For this, we’re offering a useful UI to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Users can now open rooms and explore the myriad interesting products available. We’re also seeing how AI can improve photos and descriptions.’

As the company continues to leverage the latest AI technologies throughout its e-commerce platforms, Newegg expects to share more AI-related features this year. The company expects AI to play a significant role in the future of e-commerce to improve the entire customer experience.

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